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Important information for installation

As of Untis 2014 '.NET Technology' is used, as of Untis 2017 you need Microsoft C++ 2015 Runtime x86 (14.0.23506) for installation. The respective frameworks need to be installed on all computers where Untis is used. Together with Untis .NET Framework and Microsoft C++ 2015 Runtime x86 are installed. If you install Untis 2018 on a server and give the single client computers only permission to access Untis.exe, you need to make sure that you install .NET Framework (Version 4.6.1) and Microsoft C++ 2015 Runtime x86 (14.0.23506) on all clients, as well.

Please download the installation files of .NET Framework here: .NET Framework 4.6.1 Installer
Here you will find Microsoft C++ 2015 Runtime: VC_redist.x86.exe

Minimum requirements (recommended): 2 (3) GHz Processor, 1 (4) GB RAM, free memory 850 MB (1,5 GB), operating system as of Windows Vista with all Service Packs, Windows Server from 2008 R2 onwards.

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32-bit version

64-bit version


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