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The results of the analyses are now graphically illustrated and provide you with the option to centrally access all evaluations of substitution data. Substitution statistics show all occurred cases of the selected time range and cannot always take into account regional specialties in counting. The 'Department timetable' module also restricts substitution statistics to such departments which have been selected in the program.


The overview page has different functionalities which are described in the following section. By clicking the black arrowsVP_19_167you can hide individual sections:


Time range

Here you can set the time range for the required data. The diagram shows the number of periods given as scheduled, substitutions and cancellations. You can hide and show any lines and curves by a right-click on the diagram.








Period distribution

This diagram provides you with the distribution of given / substituted / cancelled periods per class. The counting works as follows: If a class is displayed in several coupling lines, the periods are counted per coupling line. If classes 1a and 1b, for instance, are coupled for the sports lesson with 2 teachers and the entire coupling is cancelled, both 1a and 1b show two cancellation periods. By clicking on one of the classes / class teachers you can access details on single elements.





Weekly distribution

All substitutions / cancellations are visualised in this diagram. When you right-click on the diagram you can switch between substitutions and cancellations.





Teacher overview

All absences, days of absence, substitutions and cancellations per teacher and set time range are listed here. Please note that any checks in the boxes 'Count canc.' and 'Rel. no count' in the 'Reasons of absence' window are not considered. Every single case is counted. By clicking on the short names of the teachers you can access details regarding the respective colleague.





Reasons of absence

This section visualises the reasons of absence of the substitutions/cancellations according to frequency in a pie chart. By clicking on the different reasons you can filter all data by the respective reason of absence.