Entering exams without course sched.mod.

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As of Untis 2017, the 'examination' window is now also available to all schools NOT applying the course scheduling module. Just go to the tab 'Cover scheduling', click on 'Events | Exams'.






In the right part of the window you need to select on which day and in which period the exam should take place. Then go to 'Courses', click on the 'Selection' button' and choose the respective lesson. If you do not use the course module then check the box 'Show lessons' and all lessons will be listed.








Now go to the 'Teachers/Rooms' tab and select the teacher who should supervise the exam and the room in which it should take place.






Finally confirm with <OK> and the exam will be listed on the left side of the window.





The exam now is in the system but it has not yet been released for cover scheduling. Please check the box 'Cover planning'; now the exam is transferred into cover planning with all consequent effects.