Comparison mode

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One of the big innovations in Untis 2017 is the newly designed comparison mode which can be found on the 'Start' tab. Click on the 'Comparison mode' button to activate it.





On the one hand, functionalities like timetable comparison or lesson comparison are obsolete now, on the other new possibilities have beenn added.


Clicking on the comparison mode opens up a window. Here you can define if you would like to compare two terms or two files. In the diagram below a second file has already been selected.





By clicking on the <OK> button, the new tab 'Comparison mode' is created on the ribbon. Here you can define different settings (see diagram below).







When you open a timetable window, 2 windows are opened automatically: a window with a green frame (colour settings of 'file A') and a window with a red frame (colour settings of 'file B'). The differences in the two timetables are now highlighted according to the definitions of the tab 'Comparison mode'.






If you open a master data window the differences are shown directly in the list. In the diagram below, for instance, the field 'class teacher' was changed, class 1a is therefore listed twice and the differences are highlighted according to the colour settings.





Lessons windows are like master data windows; in the example below the number of weekly periods of a certain lesson was changed.