Creating a parent-teacher day

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With the right 'Parent-teacher day administration' you access the overview page of the parent-teacher days via <Administration> | <Parent-teacher days>.




Click on the <New> button for creating a new parent-teacher day.




Give the parent-teacher day a name, e.g. 'first parent-teacher day - school year 2016/2017'. In the section Appointments select a date, as well as a start and an end time.


Do not set it to active yet, because as soon as it is set to active, certain entries cannot be changed anymore and teachers can immediately invite parents to an appointment.


Now define a Registration time frame : within this time span parents can register for appointments with teachers.


The following options are possible in the Settings :



Allow room selection by teachers : Teachers can request rooms.






Allow absence registration by teachers : Teachers can enter times at which they will be absent.




Max. appointments per student per teacher : Some parents want to book more time with a teacher than the standard length provided for an appointment. In this field you can limit the maximum amount of appointments in a row.


Max. appointments per student per parent-teacher day : With this option you limit the maximum number of appointments per student. If you limit it, e.g. to 10 appointments per student and per parent-teacher day, then the parent or legal guardian cannot book more than 10 appointments.


Max. number of consecutive appointments per teacher : After the number of consecutive appointments the next appointment is automatically scheduled as a break.


Min. time blocks between two appointments per student : In order to be able to switch from one appointment to the next a certain time needs to elapse. This field is used to state how much time should elapse between the appointments.