Parent-teacher day module

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With the parent-teacher day module you can organise your parent-teacher days. Parent-teacher days are meant for the parents (in the case of schools of general education) and / or the person responsible for the apprentice (in the case of vocational schools) to get information on the academic success of their children (or their apprentices) by their teachers. Usually the following parameters need to be taken into account:


teachers are possibly not available for the entire parent-teacher day

some teachers want to speak to certain parents (persons responsible for the apprentice) in any case

the parents (persons responsible for the apprentice) want to have a timetable as 'tight' as possible


In the following the term 'parents' also includes persons responsible for apprentices in companies. Furthermore, it is assumed that WebUntis user accounts have already been created for the parents.


When planning a parent-teacher day the following phases are to be taken into account:


1. creating a parent-teacher day, whereby the parent-teacher day still is inactive.

2. activating the parent-teacher day, teachers can now enter their absences and invite parents to an appointment.

3. registration phase of the parents: parents can now book appointments with teachers.

4. the actual parent-teacher day.