Special duties window

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The Special duties window has completely been revised for the 2018 version. Now here, too, you can work with serial change like in any other window:





Additionally you now have intelligent selection lists in the columns ‘Teacher; Classes; Subject; Room; Student group’. When you enter something in the first line, by the way, this entry will be taken over for all lines.





If you want to create a class teacher lesson, select the respective classes and click on ‘teacher’. Go to filter and select “Class teacher”, then select the classes you want to assign a class teacher to. When you click <OK>, all class teachers are entered in the list.






If you want to assign the teacher who is in the class at that point in time to special duty then select ‘Teachers in the lesson’.





The button <Class conference> is new. It allows you to select a class. The list below then holds all teachers who teach the class any subject. By clicking <OK> a special duty is created with all teachers listed.