Export yearly counters as reductions

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It has been possible in the past to automatically migrate a values surplus of the current year as reduction to the next year when creating a new schoolyear. The problem was, however, that you needed to create the data record much earlier than the year ended and the surplus values were not definite at that point in time. Untis 2018 now provides you with an auxiliary function. Go to ‘File | Auxiliary functions | Export the yearly counters as reductions’.





In the dialogue window you only enter the reduction reason and how many weeks the new school year has. The calculation of the balance at year end is then based on the yearly counters of the substitution data, this is divided by the number of weeks and the outcome is exported into a .txt file. You then import this file into the data record of the new school year via ‘File | Import/Export | Import TXT file | Reductions'..