Timetable editor

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In response to the suggestions of our users we separated the timetable editor from the actual timetable in our 2019 version once again. The editor still opens next to the timetable as before, i.e. depending on the position of the timetable on your screen either right or left to it, however, it can be moved independently of the timetable window.


If you drag and drop a field in a period window, snap lines are shown supporting you in adjusting the respective field.




The <Align fields> function is still available with the same functionality as before.


Different display options such as Print name are only activated if they are available for the selected field.






If you click on a heading field in the respective timetable while the editor is still open you can edit the layout of the headings: click on the row heading (2) and the editor for the week days will be activated; click on the column heading (3) and the editor of the period label will be activated; click into the timetable (1) and you will get back to the period window editor.