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Courses assigned with classes of which no student takes part in



If you schedule an optional (compulsory) subject by the means of the student timetables module, it often happens that a certain course which is offered to students of a certain class is not selected by any of the students. In this case the class of which none of the students take part in the course should be deleted from the lesson before the timetable optimisation is carried out.


Untis 2018 introduced a respective item in the diagnosis at the input data. Untis 2019 now has a new feature which allows for automatic removal of such assignments. The button you need to click becomes visible in the diagnosis window as soon as you select the item <Course: 0 students of class>.









Clusters: Subject once per day not possible



If several teachers are scheduled with contradictory time requests in a cluster, it can happen that it is not possible any more to schedule the periods of a cluster on different days.




Example: creating a cluster

Subjects once per day not possible






The 5 period cluster T3 contains the courses H1, E2 and BIO1. Teachers Cer and Shak are obviously part-time teachers, Cer is blocked on Fridays, Shak on Mondays.






Since none of the courses allows double periods it is impossible to schedule the five cluster periods on different days of the week, since the teachers are only three days of the week together in school. This is now also shown in diagnosis.







In Untis 2019 you now can specify if the requirement 'Subject only once per day' should be taken into account in total optimisation.