Exam scheduling

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There have been some changes in scheduling exams.


When you click the button <New exam> you are asked to select the course or the lesson this exam is based on. When you select the courses for the exams, you now additionally see how many students are scheduled to take this exam based on your statistical code:







Even after having selected the courses/clusters, you see in the exam window how many students of the course will take part in the exam. As usual, you can add or delete any other course to the exam at a later point in time, however, at least one course needs to remain in the course of lists. The last remaining course in this list cannot be deleted.








And the function <Course teacher> now imports all teachers of the cluster to the exam (and not only the one who was selected first for each). Similarly the function <Course room> also imports all rooms of the cluster.






Furthermore, the allocated room is imported according to the timetable and not the room which is stated in one of the room columns of the lesson.