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One of the new functions of Untis 2019, which may have the biggest and broadest impact in general, is the Comments function which can be used in all fields of the program. This is a possibility to add a comment or notes to certain fields.



Example: Master Data:

A certain class - IT1 – needs a note saying that it is a block class.








Click right at the respective field and select <Create comment> from the context menu.






In the left bottom corner, you can assign the comment to a category . In the above example the selected category is 'Very important' and is marked in red. (Further down you will read more about how you can assign your own description to a category.)


The field for which you created a comment is now marked with a triangle of the respective category. When you move your mouse over the coloured triangle a Tooltip shows the details about the comment.





You can create several comments for one field and you can create different comments for one element in different fields.






An overview of all comments is shown in the comments overview window which can also be opened via the context menu.





You can also open the comments overview window by clicking on the respective icon on the ribbon ( Data tab).





In the comments overview window you can edit or delete any comments. Via <Settings> you can also adjust the descriptions of categories.





You also can filter the category (i.e. the colour of the comments) in the comments overview window.




You can also create a comment for time requests.