Break supervision

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Splitting of break supervisions: shown in substitution list


If break supervisions are split, it now clearly shows in the substitution list which of the supervisions needs to be cover without entering any additional data.












Standby for break supervision



For quite some time now, you have been able to schedule supervisions in the breaks for certain supervision areas by the means of the Break Supervision module. At the same time the Substitution Planning module has supported you for quite some time to find a substitute for colleagues who are not able to do their planned supervisions due to absence.


Untis 2019 now provides you with the opportunity to also schedule standbys for break supervisions. The Break Supervision window now has a button for putting it into standby mode.






The standby mode provides you with the possibility to nominate a teacher for standby for every break supervision by either entering the name of the respective teacher or via the Teacher suggestion window.





The standby teachers for break supervisions are then marked in substitution mode.