Master data and lessons

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Third gender


Recognising all those persons whose gender identity could not be assigned neither male nor female gender at birth, and in accordance with the order of the German Federal Constitutional Court of 10 October 2017, Az. 1 BvR 2019/16, NJW 2017, 3643, and in anticipation of an similar decision of the Austrian Constitutional Court, Untis 2019 introduces to the master data of teachers and students the third gender 'Inter'.





According to international standards the letter 'x' (in small letters in order to avoid any confusion with the locking code) and the symbol for mercury ? will be used.






The aforementioned input fields regarding the third gender is deactivated for Austrian federal schools ('UPIS schools').






Class teachership


Especially in vocational schools in Austria it is frequent practice that a teacher is class teacher in more than one class . This is the reason why the teacher master data have two new fields added: The number of classes they are class teachers of and the list of classes in which they are class teacher.










Room groups as subject rooms


If you have defined room groups (under 'Rooms | Room groups'), in the Untis 2019 version you now can enter them also in the master data (of subjects, classes and teachers). In Untis 2018 it has already been possible to do this with lessons.







Room groups are now listed under rooms in the selection lists:







Delete filter


In master data and lesson windows you have been able to activate filter criteria for quite some time. By clicking on the red x right to the filter symbol in the filter line you now can easily delete all entries of the filter line.