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The integration with WebUntis has also been changed a bit.


Import of teacher absences


As of Untis 2019, teacher absences can be imported from WebUntis. Absences which teachers with the respective permission have entered into WebUntis themselves can now directly be imported to Untis.





When Untis already shows an absence colliding with an absence to be imported, you will be asked whether you want to combine the two absences. Answering with 'Yes' an absence is created; answering with 'No' leads to two separate, overlapping absences.




Warning: Creating and changing of absences

Create an absence only in Untis or in WebUntis but never in both systems. If you change an absence either in Untis or in WebUntis and export or import it, the changes are taken over in the other system.






Exams created in WebUntis and imported to Untis can now be shifted in 'Cover Scheduling' on the same day (e.g. from the 3rd to the 1st period.) You first need to deactivate the 'Cover Scheduling' option in the 'Exam' window, change the fields 'from' and 'to' and re-activate 'Cover Scheduling' for exams. When you re-export to WebUntis the exam is synchronised in WebUntis accordingly.



Furthermore, for the synchronisation of exams with WebUntis it is necessary to allocate one or more lessons to every exam which it is based on (In the sense of: 'exam in English in class 5A'. The basic lesson then is English in class 5A.)


Therefore Untis 2019 automatically opens a selection window when you click on the <New exam>button where you can select a lesson or a course.




Note: Exam without basic lesson

If you have scheduled exams without a basic lesson in the past, we now recommend to create special duties for supervision teachers with the respective room.







The contents of the bookings.txt and cancels.txt files is now directly saved in the gpn file and in the database. These data are therefore not needed any more.


There is a new option in the booking window called 'Show all bookings' which then displays all imported bookings so far.