Migration to the new rights system

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The new system has a lot less settings, however, they have been adjusted in detail to the respective user groups which makes the whole design clearer.



Note: No change of rights

By migrating to the new system, no rights will be changed. The rights of all user groups will remain exactly the same as you have defined them before.



Go to <Administration> | <Rights and roles> and assign the defined roles to your user groups shown on the left.





Similar user groups


If you have several user groups for one role, e.g. teachers, then chose one of these and assign it to the respective role. All other user groups with all their assigned users will certainly remain the same and can be edited in the expert mode.


No assignment


If you do not assign a user group to one of the roles when migrating data, e.g. parents and legal guardians or training enterprise, the a user group with default rights is automatically defined.


Set rights


Having done this you can continue with the settings as described in Rights and roles . Any inconsistencies or deviations from planned default settings are shown; for further information go to Warnings .




Note: Expert mode

The old system remains in place and received a wonderful new name: 'Expert mode'. There is a special documentation on this expert mode discussing every right in detail. You can change to expert mode at any time, also after migration.