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There are two different types of warnings for rights and roles: for one, you are warned that data are inconsistent. And additionally you are made aware of the fact that settings were defined in the expert mode which do not correspond with the pre-defined default settings.




The screenshot shows that there are inconsistent data sets in the student user group. Click on <Show> and you will see a list including problem descriptions. Possible inconsistencies would be: a user has not assigned any master data or that the role of the user does not comply with the user group.


Click on <Change> to quickly correct it.






Deviations in expert mode


Rights which were not included but have been defined are displayed.





It would, for instance, be possible to permit teachers to view their own timetables and the daily overview of all teachers in the expert mode. If you want to change these settings you do not need to leave the expert mode, you simply select one possibility in this mask.