Off-site rooms without graduated lesson starts

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When the same time grid is used in the main building and in external locations, you need to schedule one free period each for the walk to and from the off-site location for teachers and students.


To achieve this use the off-site codes A – E for the relevant off-site rooms at your external locations.


To ensure the correct treatment of off-site rooms during optimisation, enter the following details:


'Rooms | Master Data'


Off-site code

Room weighting





'Scheduling | Weighting | Rooms'


Optimisation of room allocation

Optimisation of the off-site rooms





Scheduling dialogue

Periods scheduled for rooms with off-site code 'a' (or '1') are marked 'y' and 'Y' in the scheduling dialogue. Periods scheduled for rooms with other off-site codes are marked 'z' and 'Z' (upper case letters denote couplings).