Defining core lessons and options

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Under 'Classes | Master Data', define a core class 10a and two different class groups 10a_M (Modern Languages) and 10a_S (Sciences).




Enter the information that 10a_M and 10a_S are actually all students of core class 10a in the column 'Cl.Group': '1' meaning that this is the core class, any higher number (2-9) refers to different class groups.



Warning: Order

Please note that when you use class groups the order of the classes under 'Classes | Master data' is not arbitrary. Core and differentiation classes need to be listed directly below each other. If the recorded CG code is smaller than the one of the class above, a new sequence starts, independent of prior entries.


Please also note that the same class group code must be entered for both class groups 10a1_M and 10a_S. Use higher code numbers only when the students in your school can choose more than one elective course group.


Entering the correct class group codes instructs Untis to schedule lessons for class groups 10a_M and 10a_S only when class 10a (i.e. the core class) is not scheduled to have lessons. The same also applies to class 10a_S.


Entering of lessons

Enter the lessons of core class 10a which involves all of the students of the class; enter the lessons according to the different elective groups in the respective class groups.