Room optimisation

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The room optimisation tool attempts to optimize the already optimised timetable by finding the most suitable room available for each lesson. The software obeys the following rules:

Lesson periods will not be moved.

Double periods (or period blocks) take place in the same room wherever possible.

When the software is unable to schedule all of the periods of a subject in the designated subject room, Untis tries to ensure that all classes have the name number of lessons scheduled in the subject room (e.g. if the school has 34 classes and only one Physics lab, Untis tries to ensure that each class has at least one period in the specialist subject room).

When the optimisation tool is unable to schedule a lesson in a designated alternative room, the room optimisation function ensures that the lesson takes place in the designated home room, instead.

The software attempts to allocate the same room to a class (or teacher) for the duration of an entire half-day. This is of particular importance for classes without a designated room. These should be allocated with the aid of pseudo rooms.

Preference is given to alternative rooms listed close to the designated room in the alternative room chain.

The rooms specified in the 'Lessons' window take precedence over alternative rooms. This is of particular importance for classes without a designated room. A class without a designated room must never displace another class from its designated home room and can only be scheduled for a another room's home room if it is available.

When a lesson is marked '(r) - All periods in the same room' (on the 'Codes' tab under 'Teachers | Lessons' or 'Classes | Lessons'), the room optimisation tool attempts to schedule all the periods of the lesson in the same room while at the same time taking the room capacity into account. Rooms that are not designated home rooms are allocated first, and preferentially to double periods and period blocks.


Go to the 'Start' or the 'Scheduling' button in order to access the 'Optimisation' menu. :




The room optimisation window provides with three additional setting options:





Tip: No optimsation of certain periods

If you do not want certain periods to be optimised, lock them by unchecking the 'Optimise locked periods' box.