The role of subject rooms and home rooms

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The entries for the subject room and home room fields are decisive for room allociation.


Let us assume in the following example that rooms have been entered in the subject room and home room fields.


Room optimisation would now attempt to schedule all periods for physics lesson number 95 in the specialist subject room physics laboratory.





If this condition cannot be met, optimisation will attempt, as in the example, to share the physics laboratory equitably among all classes with a claim on it.


Let us assume that the physics laboratory is not free for one of the two periods in which optimisation attempts to schedule physics lessons. In this case, room optimisation would schedule these periods in the home room - R2a in our example.


The timetable periods detail window will then indicate that room R2a has been allocated instead of the desired Phys (in parentheses).


As a general rule, if the desired subject room is not free, room optimisation will ensure that the period in question is held in the home room


Please note that you could specify a (different) room to relocate lessons for each individual lesson if the desired subject room is not available.







If 3 periods of a 5-period lesson have to be held in a subject room (i.e. not in the home room), enter '3' in the field 'Periods in room'.


If it is absolutely necessary for lessons to be held in a specific (subject) room, you must do the following, :


1.Set the room weighting for the respective room to 4, and

2.Weight the parameter 'Optimisation of room allocation' on the 'Rooms' tab under 'Scheduling | Weighting' with 4 or 5.


Alternatively, you can delete the entry in the home room field for the respective lesson.




If you have only made an entry in either the subject room or in the home room fields (as in the above example for lessons 59 and 60), processing will as a rule be identical:

room optimisation first tries to allocate the desired room (or one of its alternative rooms) to the all periods of the lesson in question.




If this process is not successful the weighting settings on the 'Scheduling' tab, under 'Weighting' in the 'Rooms' section are decisive for what is going to happen next: The lesson periods remain either unscheduled or no room is allocated.


Periods without a room will always be displayed in the diagnosis.