Window groups

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Window groups have been used before the ribbon was introduced and can still be used.



The following example will demonstrate how to create a windows group.


1.Open the respective windows and arrange them just as you need them when you work with them

2.Click on the <Window Group> button on the top right in the main tool bar.




3.The Window groups window is opened.

4.Click on the button <Save window group as> and assign meaningful short and long names.





Tip: Import/Export of window groups

You can transfer the window groups from one file to another at any time. To do this, open the file into which you wish to import the settings and select 'File | Import/Export | Untis | Formats/Window groups/Ribbons'. On the 'Import window groups' tab you can now navigate to the Untis file from which you wish to import the window groups and start the import process.