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The settings of this section are relevant for a number of different timetable functions.






For instance, the timetable version number you can assign to each timetable version will be included on all printouts (please refer to chapter Timetable display ).

The Synchronise dates option allows you to specify, if a date change implemented on one particular timetable should also apply to all other timetables open on the screen. This function is particularly important when using the Multi-Week Timetable and the Multiple Term Timetable modules


The option 'When switching terms, set the TT to the beginning of the term' is only active for use with the Multiple Term Timetable module.


The option 'Always sort unscheduled periods' refers to the periods available for scheduling next to the timetable you work on. When you check this box the unscheduled periods will be displayed right to the timetable and it will not be possible to move these periods manually.





The last two options under 'Representation of weeks' are only active, if you hold a licence for one of the following modules: 'Multi-Week Timetable', 'Cover scheduling' or 'Calendar-Year Planning'. Here you have the option to define whether you want school weeks or calender weeks to be shown in the timetables.