Class Clash Code (CCC)

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Teachers, classes and rooms may never be double booked by the Untis optimisation algorithm. However, exceptions may make sense when it is certain that lessons of the class in question are attended by different students.


The students of class 2a attend either Choir or Orchestra, but none of the students attend both. Enter the same numerical CCC for both lessons (permitted values 1 - 9), e.g. '1' to instruct the Untis optimisation algorithm that the lessons Choir and Orchestra may be scheduled at the same time, but that this is not compulsory (see example).





CCC for lesson groups

Let us assume that there are three subject groups. Each student chooses one of the groups and attends all the lessons offered within this group. Conflicts between the individual groups are therefore permissible. Assign the same CCC letter to all lessons that must not be in conflict with other lessons. Assign a different CCC letter to all lessons where conflicts are permissible..


group 1

French and Italian


group 2

Chemistry and Physics


group 3

Literature and Drama



Please note that entering a CCC permits , but does not enforce the creation of a conflict between lessons. Consequently, the diagnosis tool will not display an NTP (non-teaching period) for classes when the lessons marked with the CCC A, B and C are not scheduled at the same time .