Lunch breaks

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You can specify the exact times of a lunch break between morning and afternoon lessons for classes and teachers using the time grid


You have the following lunch break options:


Specify a uniform lunch break for the entire school (e.g. 12:00 - 13:00).


In the time grid, enter 12:00 as the time when the last morning lesson should end and 13:00 as the time the first afternoon lesson should start. The software will treat the time between 12:00 and 13:00 as a lunch break (not as a period).





Specify element-specific lunch break blocks (time request '- 3').

Block the periods of the respective elements in which the lunch break is meant to be with time request '-3'.





Include the lunch break in timetable creation.



This last lunch break scheduling option allows for a better use of subject rooms. The option enables you to specify different lunch break durations for individual teachers and classes. Enter '1-2' in the box

Lunch break min, max

to instruct the software to schedule either 1 or 2 lunch break periods for the selected element



Based on the weighting, the lunch break will be scheduled during the last morning periods and/or the first afternoon periods.






Vary the time during which a lunch break can be scheduled by specifying the first and the last period when a lunch break may be scheduled (on the 'Breaks' tab in the

time grid

). The boundary between morning and afternoon lessons must lie within the specified time interval (see figure below).






If your school cafeteria has a limited capacity, use the same tab to enter the maximum number of classes that can have a lunch break at the same time (figure above).




Please note that you can also enter a lunch break label on the 'Breaks' tab. This label is then also printed on the respective timetables.

Violations against specified lunch break times are displayed in the diagnosis window.