Positive subject sequence

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It may be desirable for pedagogical or organisational reasons to schedule certain subjects in sequence.


For example, to allow time for a two-period written exam, you want to schedule the subjects German (DE) and Math (MA) in sequence. It is irrelevant in this case if the sequence is DE-MA or MA-DE.


Applies to the entire school

Enter the same numerical subject sequence code (under 'Subjects | Master Data') for both subjects, e.g. '5' (see example below).





Applies to a particular class

Enter a numerical subject sequence code (under 'Classes | Lesons') in the relevant lesson rows for class 4, e.g. '3'.





You can also enter subject sequence requests for teachers. This is a useful function for subjects that require elaborate experiments to be set up. For example, a teacher who teaches Physics to three different classes of the same year may request to have these lessons scheduled in sequence to allow him to show the same experiment several times in a row.


Another example involves teachers who teach PE plus another subject. The PE lessons should, if possible, be scheduled in sequence so that the teacher is not obliged to change into PE clothes several times a day.


In this case enter the same numerical subject sequence code for the lessons you want to schedule in sequence (under Subject sequence - Teachers ).






Note: Off-site rooms

You can use positive subject sequences also to assist you with off-site rooms .