Room capacity

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When room sizes and/or class sizes at your school differ widely, set the optimisation and the room optimisation tools to consider the capacity of individual rooms in order to prevent situations where a small class occupies a room suitable for twice the number of students or a large class is crammed into a small room designed for a much smaller number of students.




To ensure that the room capacity function works correctly, enter the following details (see also chapters 'Master Data' and 'Lesson'):


Under 'Rooms | Master data': capacity

Under 'Classes | Master data ': students (male, female)

For couplings under 'Lessons': students (male, female)



If you wish the room capacity to be taken into consideration, check the relevant box in the optimization or room optimisation dialogue before starting an optimisation or room optimisation run.





Specify the level of importance of the room capacity function by adjusting the weighting option ‘Take room capacity into consideration’ in the weighting dialogue ( go to 'Scheduling' tab | 'Automatic scheduling' group | 'Weighting' button) in the 'Rooms' section.




If you want to change or enter a room in the timetable, you see the required room capacity for this lesson in the room allocation dialogue and the capacities of the listed rooms as well as the difference in capacity, i.e. how much the listed room is too small or too large.