Room allocation

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Untis provides three different methods of allocating rooms:

1. Automated room allocation during optimisation

2. Optimised room allocation during room optimisation (please refer to chapter Room optimisation)

3. Manual room allocation in the scheduling dialogue, on the scheduling timetable or on the timetable (see chapter ' Manual scheduling ')


Room allocation during Optimisation


The automated room allocation function during optimisation attempts to optimise timetables not just from the class or teacher perspective, but also from the room perspective.


Untis may even schedule a lesson for a period where a suitable room is unavailable. (The lesson is then displayed in the diagnosis window under 'Subject room missing'.) To suppress this behaviour, set the room weighting of the specialist subject room to '4' (under 'Master data') and the slider for 'Optimisation of room allocation' in the weighting dialogue ('Scheduling | Weighting') on the 'Rooms' tab to position 4 or 5 ('very important' or 'extremely important'). Periods for which the optimisation tool is unable to find a suitable room will then remain unscheduled.









Please note that deleting the home or subject room in the lessons window will consequently delete this room in the timetable. If you enter a subject or home room for this lesson immediately after deleting it, this room will only be re-scheduled, if it is not required for another lesson. If there is also no alternative room available, the period remains without a room.