In the chapter ' Specific time requests ' it has already been mentioned that you can highlight (half) days in the right part of the time request window, instead of selecting several hours on the left side of the grid.


The two input methods are not totally equivalent to each other.





Please not the time requests of the two teachers AE - Einstein and Ander- Hans Christian Andersen in the example.


With AE all requests are entered in the left part of the grid as period requests, Ander's time requests were entered as (half-) day requests.


The -3 -blockings on Friday are equivalent to each other for optimisation - Friday will not be scheduled. Optimisation tries to alternatively keep a half day free for the weaker entries, -2 and -1 of Ander, if it will not be possible to Monday or Tuesday morning unscheduled. With Einstein, optimisation only takes care that Monday all day with significance of -2 and Tuesday morning with a significance of -1 are kept free.




Optomisation will probably shift (Half-) day requests with -2 or -1 to another day.