Type-separated class components

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For organisational reasons, one class sometimes consists of two type-separated class components.


For example, class 5a could consist of a Modern Languages and a Classics component. While the former component has an Italian lesson scheduled, the latter component could have a Greek lesson. Proceed as follows in this case:


Define two classes - 5aC for the Classics component and 5aM for the Modern Languages component. You need to define class 5a for correct display in WebUntis, even if no lessons will take place in this class.





Enter the name '5a' in the Master class field under master data of both classes


Couple the two class components for all lessons attended by the students of both groups.






The timetable of both class components can then be combined in a single view.







You can deactivate this behaviour for individual timetable formats by checking the box 'Display master classes separately' on the 'Layout 2' tab under <Timetable settings>.