Unspecified time requests

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In the lower part of the time request window you can enter unspecified time requests. You can select days, half days, mornings, afternoons and any period range. When selecting a time range, define the amount and priority of the time request, and optimisation will calculate the best position so that you do not need to define it yourself.





If you enter time requests for half-days in the column 'time range', the optimisation tool will decide whether to schedule the half-day in the morning or the afternoon.





Use unspecified time requests whenever possible to allow the optimisation tool as much flexibility as possible.





Specific and unspecified time requests are cumulative. If Tuesday, for example, is blocked with a time specified time request and an unspecified time request is entered with a priority of '-3' to keep a full day free, two complete days will be without periods – Tuesday plus an additional day.