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In large schools that consist of several departments or that have to be divided up into several abstract part because of their size the timetable is very often not created and maintained by one person but by several people. The aim however is to create an optimal overall timetable, particularly with regard to resources shared between departments such as teachers and rooms.


Moreover, in many schools day-to-day cover planning is performed on a departmental basis, i.e. by several cover schedulers, but in this case with cross-departmental elements having to be taken into account.


These requirements call for certain operations such as optimisation or cover planning to be performed department by department.


The Department Timetable module enables you not just to restrict work within one file to one department but also to export the department data fully automatically to separate .gpn files in order to work on them individually. These files are then later merged into one single overall file.


The department timetable really comes into its own in particular when used with the Untis MultiUser module.