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The algorithm only schedules lessons of the selected department. All other lessons remain unchanged, i.e. periods not scheduled remain unscheduled and periods scheduled for other departments are not changed in any way.


In the following example the ‘a’ classes (yellow) are assigned to the mechanical engineering department, the ‘b’ classes (green) to the electrical engineering department and the ‘c’ classes (red) to the structural engineering department.






In the first figure on the left, optimisation has been performed for the electrical engineering department. Accordingly, only the lessons of those classes belonging to the electrical engineering department are scheduled. In our example this is class 1b.





In the centre timetable, further optimisation has been performed with the selection of the mechanical engineering department. The periods of the department first scheduled have not been changed by this. Please note that the coupled IT lesson of classes 1a and 1b has only now been scheduled, since due to the order of the classes in the coupling it belongs to the mechanical engineering department.


In the timetable on the right the remaining periods were scheduled automatically by selecting the SE department. The periods of the other departments already set have again not been changed.