Master data and lessons

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If you open a master data window after selecting a department only those elements will be displayed which are assigned to the active department or which have not yet been assigned to any department.




Moreover, when you create a new master data element it will automatically be assigned to the active department.


Similarly, only those elements can be chosen from the drop-down list in lessons windows that have been assigned to either the active department or none at all.







Please note that in the lessons windows always all lessons are shown of which an element of the selected department is part of.



In the following example in the lessons window of class 2b lessons of the department "ME" are also listed, although the pre-defined department is "EE". The reason for this is that class 2b is part of this lesson, however class 2a is listed first in the coupling. Therefore the lessons automatically belong to the department "ME". Department "EE" can see thoses lessons, but cannot edit them.