Merging lessons

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The department timetable module allows you not just to import exported department data into the overall file but also to read in master data, lesson and timetables from any .gpn file.


To do this first open the .gpn file into which you wish to import the data and select “Modules | Department timetable | Merge scheduled lessons”. Navigate to the file from which you wish to import data and click the on the <Open> button.





When merging files Untis proceeds as follows:

All master data are imported. The additional data for elements that already exist such as time requests are not merged.

Lessons are imported in their entirety. If there are overlaps with the lesson numbers, the imported lessons are automatically assigned a new number.

Timetables are also imported in their entirety. Clashes occur when times in the existing schedule and the imported schedule overlap.

General settings such as the time grid and school holidays are not transferred.