Distributing department data

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When department data are distributed a new timetable file is created for each department with the name “<name>.gpn” (where <name> stands for the department’s short name). The file contains the following data:

All the classes of the department

All the lessons of the department

All the classes which occur in the lessons of this department

All teachers, rooms, subjects and departments of the school


Department files are basically completely normal Untis data files. However, they are flagged internally as department files.




Note: Department without classes

When department data are distributed, only those departments are important which have been assigned to the classes. If you have not assigned any departments to your classes in the “Dept.” column, an error message will pop up. Please enter a department for each class and repeat the process.



The work steps necessary for distributing a file will now be illustrated using an example.

1.Please open the demo.gpn file.

2.Using “Modules | Departments | Master Data” you can see that three departments have already been defined in this file. Please openthe windows group 'Departments' by going to "Start | Departments" and assign the departments to the classes in accordance with the figure.





3.Now select “ Modules | Departments | Export (distribution)”.





4.Click on the <Export all departments> button. This will launch the export of the data of all departments in one go. Following the export, a window will be displayed indicating how many departments and how many classes have been exported.








The department files are automatically assigned the short name of the respective department. Any existing files with the same name will be overwritten without any prompt being displayed.




Tip: Changing the location of department data

By default department data are saved to the Untis program directory. You can change this with the “Settings | Miscellaneous | Directories” option by defining a different path for department files.