Assigning to master data

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Once you have defined departments you can assign them to your master data elements. Just open the respective window group by going to 'Start | Departments' and the department view of all master data windows is automatically displayed.





Then assign the elements to the respective department via the column 'Department'. Teachers, rooms and subjects can belong to several departments. Just put a comma between the departments when entering them. Elements without any specifications belong to all departments.




Define one department for your class.





By assigning the departments to the classes you implicitly define which departments lessons are assigned to. The "Department" column can be displayed in lessons windows to facilitate orientation. This is, however, purely informational as the data cannot be edited there.


According to this example all lessons involving class 2a have now been assigned to departments.





The following rule applies: a lesson has the department of the class assigned to it. If more than one class is involved in a lesson, the first class in the sequence determines the department.


As lessons 6, 75 and 81 in the above example involve a coupling of class 2a with other classes and 2a is the first class entered, the lesson belongs to the department of class 2a.