Diagnosis of input data and timetables

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Go to <Diagnosis> and access the window which will assess your input data and the calculated timetable.


The Timetable diagnosis window consists of two sections: on the left you will see the diagnosis selection window and on the right the diagnosis details window.You will see two tabs in the selection window: Input data and Timetable.

You can choose a diagnostic item in the selection pane, and the details pane will display the lesson in question together with the affected class and/or teacher.


Diagnosis Input data


This is where issues and problems with the input data are displayed.



Note: Diagnosing input data

The 'Input data' tab checks data for consistency and indicates any inconsistencies that could cause problems when the timetable is created. Please make sure to check this item before running optimisation.


For example, 6 periods of English have been specified for class 2b in the demo.gpn file and these should be scheduled as single periods. Since English teacher Callas has one day off each week it is theoretically impossible for these lessons to be scheduled without violating a condition (e.g. double-period condition or subject held only once per day). The diagnosis will indicate under item 'Input Data | Class' that in one case the problem 'Subject 1x/day not possible'' occurs. The right window section displays the lesson that is involved, namely subject EN for class 2b (lesson no. 6).





Diagnosis Timetable


Items of this section indicate violations that occurred when the timetable was created, either from the perspective of the lesson involved or from the perspective of the master data element affected.


The following example shows that eight teachers have been allocated too few teaching periods each day (according to the master data). For example, teacher Hugo has only one teaching period on Friday compared with a minimum of four. However, this condition was only weighted with a value of 2. It is therefore not surprising that this condition was not met for all teachers. If this input is to be given greater weight compared with other input, the slide control 'Meet maximum / minimum daily periods for teachers' must be moved further to the right (for example to 3 or 4) and optimisation must be run again.