Modifying information in the timetable

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You can change any of the contents displayed in the timetable. Only make changes when you do not like the options in the Standard period or when different content is required.


To do this, click on <Timetable settings>KE_059in the timetable window and then on the button <Period window>. A graphic editor will open depicting the contents of the individual timetable cell.



Note: Per. window: standard format

If you open this dialogue for a timetable output in standard format , uncheck the option 'Per. window: Standard format'. You can then perform the steps described here.



Now add the information that you wish to display in the timetable using the <New field> button.








You can even change the font size of each field. Please note that the background field symbolises the timetable cell. Confirm with <OK> once the timetable cell looks the way you want it to. <OK>.







Tip: Displaying coupling cells

When more than one teacher is involved in a lesson, you can add the field 'Teacher' several times. For example, if 3 teachers participate in a lesson, you need at least 3 teacher fields in the graphic editor in order to display all teachers involved.