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Use these control data to determine the priorities for your school's timetable. This is done by allocating weighting values ranging from unimportant (0) to extremely important (5).


Example: If the entered condition is important for observing teachers' non-teaching periods, move the slide control 'Optimisation of free periods for teachers' to the right (e.g. to 4).





Weighting distribution


The weighting profile is important for achieving a good and well-balanced timetable. Priorities 4 and 5 should not be used too frequently. It is important that you map the requirements of your school as accurately as possible. If you are new to Untis, we recommend that you leave the weights at the default values for the moment and that you come back to them once you have gained some experience with one or more test optimisation runs.


You can view the settings for the individual weighting slide controls on the 'Analysis' tab. The general rule is that a weighting value of 4 and especially 5 should be used very sparingly. You will find an example of poor weighting allocation and an example of good weighting allocation below: