Export current lessons Export of the actually held lessons


This function is started via the menu File | Import/Export | Export current lessons.


The actually held (current) lessons of the selected teacher for the selected time range is written to a file. Eventual substitutions are not considered hereby.


Before the export you can choose a file name and the time range for the output of the lesson data. You can also enter the lessons of teachers which are to be exported.


If the field 'Single line per class' is deactivated, only one line is being exported even for lessons in which several classes take part.


For all selected teachers, one line (or several lines) is (are) being generated in the export-file for each unit (a period of a lesson), which is actually being held in the selected time-range. The individual fields are separated by commas (,).


If you start the export from the 'MINUT'-mode, start- and end times of the lessons are also being exported.


If the field is activated 'use alias for elements', instead of the short names in the alias design.


Fields of a line:

 Name of the teacher




 Nr. of the Period (always 0 im MINUT-mode)

 Name of the Subject

 Name of the Class (or classes, separated by ~)

 Name of the Room




 Start-Time hhmm (only im MINUT-mode)

 Duration hhmm (only in MINUT-mode)