Import/Export course-data Import/Export of the data for the course scheduling module


If 2 different people are working on the timetable of a school, one being the timetabler and the other one in charge of the creation of the clusters in accordance with the students' course choices, there usually are 2 different gpn-files. With this function you can transfer the course scheduling data (clusters, student's choices, etc.) into the main 'school-timetable'-file.


Suppose that the timetabler and the course-scheduler start with the identical file. The work of the two people will eventually lead to 2 different files: one holding the current timetable for all classes, which do not have and individual student's choice, the other one containing the bands. If the course-scheduler wants to transfer his data to the timetabler, he has to export his course-data, such that the timetabler can import it (and incorporate it into the schools timetable).


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