XML-Import/Export Import/ Export via an XML File


With this interface you can import data (in accordance with the DTD for XML import/export) from an XML file, and respectively export to an XML file.


Consideration needs to be taken with the following aspects (all see DTD for XML import/export):


1) All basic data and lesson details are identified with a unique key (ID) in the XML file. This key will not be copied into Untis (e.g. room ID=RM_Lab1 is the key for 'Lab1' in Untis).


2) Lesson numbers will always be written off according to the syntax 'LS_ + lesson number + lesson number of the coupling line (two numbers beginning with 0)', even if there is only one coupling line. For example, the code 'lesson ID='LS_701' in a XML file points to the second coupling line in lesson number 7.


3) If a lesson gets transferred with the students, then Untis automatically assumes that it is a lesson group appointed to these specific students.




See also:


 DTD for XML-Import/Export http://www.grupet.at/downloads/xml-untis.dtd