Minute Timetable Timetable with periods and breaks of various lengths


Some types of schools have teaching periods (and breaks) of different lengths. Based on educational considerations, a Mathematics period, for example, is taught in 40 minute units, while 50 minutes is regarded as the ideal teaching time for Geography. In addition, breaks before and after Sports lessons can be significantly longer.


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 Minute - Timetable Minute Timetable Module - Dialogue


 Transfer into Untis-Minutes Untis timetables can be transferred into minute format.

 Time Grid Minute Timetable Various Minute fields are entered next to the teaching times for each day

 Minute: Window arrangement The arrangement of the screen in Minute mode is preserved


 Minute scheduling dialogue Changing the timetables for option minute-timetables

 Displaying minute timetables Minute mode timetables are displayed differently to Untis timetables

 Room optimisation (minute) Optimisation of requested rooms in the minute option

 Minute: Diagnosis Minute timetable: Diagnosis of the timetable


 Minute: Class Data Minute Timetable: Data for Classes

 Minute: Teacher data Minute timetable: Teacher data

 Minute: Subject data Minutes timetables: Data about 'subjects'

 Minute: Lesson data Minute timetable: Lesson data