Transf. Untis-Minute Class and teacher data is also transferred to minute mode


In many fields that are valid in UNTIS NORMAL MODE, there are equivalent fields in MINUTE MODE, e.g. minimum class lunch break: n periods in normal mode become m periods/minutes in minute mode. The minute parameters are important for the diagnosis. This enables the programme to determine whether, for example, a teacher has too many lessons in one day or a class has too many consecutive main subjects.


The following fields exist in both NORMAL and MINUTE modes

classes, teachers, rooms:

 Barred (-3)

classes, teachers:

 Lunch break minimum/maximum

 Periods per day min/max


 Maximum consecutive periods for main subjects


 NTPs (Non Teaching Periods)/week min/max

 Max consecutive periods


 Afternoon periods min/max

 Weekly periods min/max


The following fields are for MINUTE mode only

classes, teachers. rooms:

 Minimum break length


 Maximum break length


 Minimum break before a subject

 Minimum break after a subject

 Length of an Untis period (for transfer purposes)