Transfer into Untis-Minutes Untis timetables can be transferred into minute format.


In the minute mode, two types of timetable are offered, the NORMAL timetable with a fixed time grid and the MINUTE-TIMETABLE. A good methodology is to schedule a timetable with a low optimisation level using Untis (normal) and then to transfer this into minute mode with variable length periods. This change of format takes two main forms. After the transfer, the timetable can be worked on in the planning dialogue screen to consider the details of the teacher subjects distribution.


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 Minute Timetable Timetable with periods and breaks of various lengths

 Minute - Timetable Minute Timetable Module - Dialogue

 Time Grid Minute Timetable Various Minute fields are entered next to the teaching times for each day


 Transfer A Untis-Minutes Untis timetable -> into Minute Format (Untis time grid data)

 Transfer B Untis - Minute Untis timetable -> into Minute Format (Subject -period-break lengths)

 Transf. Untis-Minute Class and teacher data is also transferred to minute mode

 Minute: Break lengths Breaks for subjects, classes, teachers and rooms

 Conversion into loose hours Minute TT: If you wish, you can convert double hours into loose hours