Data Input for TLR Data Input for the timetabling returns


A number of fields in Untis must obey some rules so that the necessary information for the timetabling Returns is available.

These rules are explained in the following sections.


School data

 Country                `Ireland`

 School Number        (mandatory)



 Personnel Number        Payroll Number

 PPS number                R.S.L. Number

 Ref. number                Reference Number

 Forename                (mandatory)

 Full Name                Surname

 Male/Female                (mandatory)

 Post                Post


 Capacity                Capacity

 Stat./Jobsharer        `J`, if the teacher is a jobsharer

 Other Schools        S1; S2; S3; S4 (S1 and S2: School Numbers for Teaching in another school)

                         (S3 and S4: School Numbers for Last year school)

                         Example: If only S3 is to be entered then the field entry would be: `;;12345X` (note the two leading ;)

 Qualification Table        Qualifications (= Subjects with Stat.-1 = `Q`), see below



A class that is used in lessons which need the programme code must have an entry in the field 'School ref.'. In the case of classes with regular lessons this field must have at least 3 digits. The first two digits are interpreted as programme code and the third digit is interpreted as programme year.

Classes must also be used in lessons which describe a non-class contact in the case when a non-class programme code is needed. For such a class the first two digits of the field 'School ref.' must contain the programme code.



Subjects are used for regular subjects, teacher qualifications and non-class contact activity.


Regular Subjects

 Alias name                Subject Code

 Full Name                Subject Name


Teacher qualification

 Stat.-1                `Q`


Non-class contact activity

 Stat.-1                `N`

 Stat.-2                Activity Code

 Text                Other activity description if appropriate



A lesson with a subject with Stat.-1 = `N` (see above) is interpreted as Non-class contact activity.

Use of subject with activity code 4:

 the class field must contain a special class which has defined the Programme Code

Use of subject with activity code 5:

 the class field can contain a special class which has defined the Programme Code

 An associated description can be written into the field Text of the Lesson. If this field is empty the description is taken from the field Text of the Subject.


You can specify a day and the hours (hh) and minutes (mm) associated with this occurrence of NCC activity in the field text/NCC time of the lesson in the format 'dd' with dd = Mo, Tu, We, Th, Fr, Sa, So.



Medium of delivery:        Use 'G' or 'g' in Stat.-1 of the lesson to indicate a lesson in Irish.