TLR Diagnosis Diagnosis for timetabling returns


All entry errors or missing entries, which prevent the data transfer to the timetabling returns interface, are displayed here. Data can only be transferred, if all errors are eliminated.


After correcting the entries you have to press the <Refresh> button to update the display.


If you select a line in the grid and other views are open, the display in those views shifts to the element and/or Lesson affected by the error.

The content of the grid can also be copied to the clipboard.


In the lines of the grid you see the current number of the error, the Lesson and up to two elements affected by the error, an error category, and a short description of the error (the affected Untis-field is bracketed).


You can change the order of the columns with drag&drop and sort the data by clicking on the column heading.




There are five error categories:


Teacher                        The error concerns Teacher Master Data

Subject                        The error concerns Subject Master Data

Class-C(ontact)                The error concerns Class lessons

Non-Class-C(ontact)        The error concerns lessons describing non-teaching activities

Other                        All other errors