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If you need general help at any point in time, press <F1> to display help information and select 'Contents'. You will find a manual providing detailed information on all topics.


However, If you require specific information on e.g. a particular button or input field, activate the field in question and press <F1>. You can also click on the "Help“ button and then move the help arrow to the relevant field before clicking once more.



Tip: Offline help

When you press F1 you are connected to the respective help topic on our website. If you want to use our online help without being connected to the internet, you have the possibility to consult it offline, just go to 'Help topics | Download help files' you can save the respective data on your PC.


If you have questions when you are familiarising yourself with Untis please contact your Untis partner by phone or email. You will find their details on our website.