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For installing the software please double click on the file "SetupUntis[Version]UK.exe". Der Setup-Assistent unterstützt Sie bei der weiteren Installation von Untis


We recommend that you do not change the default installation path. On an English Windows system this will be C:\Program Files\Untis, or C:\Program Files (x86)\Untis on a 64-bit system. Make sure you always perform installation with administrator rights. The same applies to all other freely selectable paths, descriptors and names, since this quick start brochure as well as all other manuals always refer to the suggested defaults.


The setup wizard will inform you as soon as installation is complete. From now on you can launch Untis by clicking on the application icon that has been placed on your desktop.







Note: Central installation

You can also install Untis on a central server and then give individual clients access to Untis.exe. Please note that Untis must have been started at least once on the client PCs with administrator rights prior to this.





Warning: Windows Version

Untis 2017 requires at least Windows 7